You Want Success For You And Your Family: What Does It Look Like?

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Thanks for dropping in! 1 Busy Mommy is here to help millennial women live an authentic life through personal development, definition and healing, self care, and self love. How you define success is as authentic as you can get!

Now, I was having a conversation with Tony about what we want for our family. Can you believe, we disagreed? Lol, I’m sure you can. I’m the extrovert, the optimist, the empath. He’s the introvert, the realist, the DIY type. So together we are often on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

I want internal peace, he wants the material which represents the internal.

I want conversation and new scenery, he wants silence and familiarity.

We are opposites. But we have similar values.

  • Family is everything.
  • Peace is necessary.
  • Happiness is individual.
  • And we enjoy each other.

But when it came down to what we would describe as successful we had to talk it out, and more so I had to write it down. This link is perfect for you to define success for all areas of your life.

You want something, you expect it to make you happy, but the question is have you put legs on it? 

LEGS ON IT…What does that mean.?….

If you were to bump into your success would you know it? Can you describe it to someone else so that they would see it when you reached it? Do you have an idea of what you will feel like once it is acquired? Do you know what it would be if/when you were off track? Would…your spouse, your friend, or your mama remind you so that you can get back ton track and to your goals?


It won’t walk up to you in your house.It won’t follow you home.You can not rush into it.

And it won’t wait for you to come after it.You have to pursue it. Not rapidly, with hastened steps, moving in all directions until something works. But in purposeful steps, with an open heart, submitting to your purpose.

It’s a journey, a path. And of course….ONLY YOU CAN DEFINE IT.

So do that….

I’m offering this freebie to help you get clear on what success looks like in all areas of your life. Be honest. Be real.

Don’t  pursue what you THINK you want but pursue what would truly give you happiness! What is truly purposed on your life? What do you see in your mind when you lay down at night although you don’t know how you would do or where to start?

Start with the what…. focus what you can do right now… and the plan will reveal itself like the turns of a rollercoaster. Slow at first and nervous, loud and fast, and exhilarating. When you come into your truth you become alive and wake up parts of your spirits you didn’t know you had.

Download it, print it out, and please share in the comments below. I would love to see and I can be someone who believes in it for you.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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