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Get the Environment that Creates Results with January’s Book Recommendation

Hello Love,

Happy New Year! It’s already the first OFFICIAL week of January! Can you believe it’s already the 7th? 51 weeks left to make things happen! Since January is the month of preparation to cement those beautiful plans you have for an amazing 2019, add reading this book onto the list. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has already turned the energy around in my house.

Netflix has done Ah-mazingness by creating a show out of it called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She is so CUTE and you “real live” don’t mind having her tell you how to clean and organize your house. So she comes in and introduces herself to your home and consults you on how to go about tidying up! An art that for most people hasn’t been taught and is learned through trial and error.

So, I of course got the book, and went to reading. I thought I was organized with all of my beautiful containers and in her pages this woman called me a hoarder…and I had to stop and take inventory of that….like maybe I am.

So after 100 pages of reading…. I got the family involved. We ended up getting rid of 10 trash bags full of clothes that were ONCE sitting in our drawers and closets. This is stuff that we just had, sitting, that we had to sift through, and make due, and try to piece together the things we liked. But after, getting rid of the clothing items that “didn’t bring us joy” it was easy to see so many outfits that I had available to wear. I got the honeybun to join me and it turned out to be energizing for him too.

Here we were thinking if we get rid of everything, what will we have left. But once we were confronted with everything we had it was easy to let some of it go. The closets are now cleaned out, our room and desks are orderly. I was so ready to sit down and get to work at my desk because finally it was inviting and organized and not full of things.

So we did the clothes, we started on the kids clothes, got rid of some books that we didn’t really care for, made out of some papers and now we have to move to the other parts of the house.

This is the process.

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper
  4. Komono (miscellaneous items)
  5. Sentimental items






In getting the space organized, we then started looking at our goals. Mapped them out together and got to work immediately. We did this one thing and all of a sudden we wanted to jump onto everything else right now, We haven’t made it quite through the whole list yet but the 3 things we noticed immediately was 1) we felt renewed by how organized everything was once we got rid of the excess. 2) We created an actual space for our items so that we can maintain our tidyiness and since we did it together we both knew what the system was and 3) we came to understand and appreciate each other a bit more because I understood what he was sentimental over including which style he liked more than others which after 4 years of being together and 20 years of knowing him, I am still learning (we met in elementary) and he learned what clothes more about my personality and what clothes me feel beautiful rather than just the ones I have in my closet.

So, in doing that we feel energized, orderly, and lighter going into the coming days of 2019. Marie Kondo has sold over 6 million copies of her New York times Best seller and having an amazing organized space it creates this harmony in your home that all the reviews seem to be raving about. We feel it and I’m thinking you should try it too. Make January your set up month and be sure to grab your copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

I highly recommend it. It’s an easy read and really practical. You house may look a bit of a mess for a bit. We loaded up the car immediately with all the clothes we planned on donating but for you it may be different. So start the year off with a clean slate and feel renewed. Let your environment and your organization push you to do better in all the other aspects of life. It starts with home.

Let me know your thoughts on the book, and the wardrobe of clothes you ending up keeping. My new favorite is this yellow maxi dress, with this pretty flower print. I love yellow, dresses, and just recently lost weight because of this paleo-keto diet that we’re on. So I am starting 2019 off right! Let me know how it works for you

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis



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By Sheamonique Ellis Inspiration

Live Your Best Life: Things To Do Before 40 is NOW Available!!!!!!!!!

Hello Love!

This is Sheamonique Ellis with 1 Busy Mommy and I am so excited to see that Live Your Best Life: Things To Do Before 40 is now available at AMAZON!

This beauty dropped today! And I am ecstatic! I started this process in September, began writing and refining in October, made several attempts to have it finished for by my 30th birthday of November 25th and STILL I am elated. It still feels right on time! This was a bucket list of sorts that I created for myself. Unable to do all the things I wanted to do by my 30th birthday because let’s be real… I had 2 kids, started and almost completed a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Started and COMPLETED a Master’s and Teacher Credential in Special Education so doing ALL that I wanted wasn’t in the cards.


This book is my promise to myself…. It could have been infinitely longer like several of the Ultimate TO DO LISTS I came across but I wanted to be realistic and a BIT extra.

So I wrote this. And I Think It could be something for you to. I think this could get you think about what you want to experience, have, see, do, buy, read, and more.

1 Busy Mommy, will be my homage to this list and my journey in working on this list. So go to the link…ADD It Into Your Cart and BUY 1 for Your and ANOTHER for a friend!

This is the LINK! To Get the Book Live Your Best Life: Things To Do When You Turn 40 

Let me know some of the things you have on your list! Talk To me in the comments below.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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By Sheamonique Ellis Self Care

I am… More than What Meets the Eye

Hello Love,

This is one of my writings.

I am the Master’s carrying, salaried woman, who got it on her own that the media tells you about.

I am lover of coffee, fine wine, the color yellow, the smell of books, the joy of musicals, and giraffes.

I am girl of optimism, the starter of conversation, the first to the dance floor, but also disinterested in being the center of attention.

I am the artist, scared to bare my soul, so I try to write it beautifully.

I am the woman who knew well enough that I couldn’t ask a man to heal all the scars on my soul left by the pervert who lived in my house and made me feel unsafe, and too beautiful. That it must be something that I did aside from go to bed that made him come into my room while my mom worked.

I am the girl who excelled at school, and became student body president, so that they could focus on my smile and see what I wanted them to see.

I am the girl who knew I wasn’t strong enough to heal my own scars so I went to counseling, I went to God, I went to prayer, to make myself anew.

I am the woman who learned that real men who want you pursue you and that my need to be independent and assertive was actually my crutch. So when I finally learned to submit, to allow myself to need someone, I did so to a man that knew how to handle my strength and allowed me to be me.

I am still becoming on this journey of womanhood, motherhood, and creativity. I am finally allowing myself to define myself after years of permitting others to define me.

I am Sheamonique Ellis.

Now, my love, Tell me who you are.

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