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The Key to Great Time Management and Efficiency For Millennial Moms

Hello Love,

We are just moving along in our week and headed midway into March, how is your 2019 looking so far. My word for this year has been focus and in that I have worked really hard to narrow down my efforts and get a few BIG things done this year. But in order to get those things done Time Management and Efficiency are absolute musts.

I used to play with time. Let it run from me, waste it, idle around until I created emergencies for myself, but not anymore. Every minute of the day is important and it’s up to me to use it wisely. There are millions of things to do, that have to be done, that should be worked on and its only you that will make sure that they get done. The question is WHEN?

When will you focus on A, B, or C? How you decide determines how productive you will be.

So the Key to Great Time Management and Efficiency is PRIORITIES.

You have to set them out and be intentional about getting to them at certain times or parts of your day. Saying you will versus making a plan are two completely different things. You have to identify the priority and create the plan for its moving parts. How long do you think each part will take you and when do you have that time in you day, your week, your month, etc.

I.E.; I have to make organize the kids toy box, create meal plan for the week, or do spring cleaning for the house.

  1. Identify the goal
  2. Break it into smaller parts. Clean the House. (Kitchen, Living room, Dining room, bathroom, kids bedroom, master bedroom, garage, and front porch)
  3. What needs to be done in each of those areas. (Kitchen= thaw out freezer, toss out old food, clean oven, change filter for vent, go through Tupperware for lids, dishes, clean dishwasher, sweep, mop)
  4. Identify how much time each of those things would take.  (Kitchen: thaw out freezer=4 hours, toss out old food=30 minutes, clean oven=1 hour, change filter for vent= 20 minutes, go through Tupperware for lids=20 minutes, dishes=30 minutes, clean dishwasher=1 hour, sweep=15 minutes, mop= 15 minutes)
  5. Then look through and seen when you can get part of that list done with your current schedule. Today I will for sure, go through Tupperware, change filter, and clean the oven)

When you have 10 things to do you have to narrow your focus and the use of the your energy down to 3 nonnegotiables. I have to do 1, 2, 3. If I get to 4 or 5 then that’s great but before my head hits the sheets 1-3 will be done. And following through on this is the next most important thing.

And in that you also have to know what is NOT a priority. Something could very well be busy work, a waste of time, or redundant to focus all of your energy on it today if it won’t matter next month. Be discerning of what to give your energy to. Not everything requires it.

It’s not enough to make the plan for it, carve out the time, get the materials and for the time to come you decided you are too tired, too sick, too unavailable, to get it done. You make the plan and THEN you work the plan.

What are you 3 big priorities for the week? And then Your 1 Big Thing for your upcoming days.  Let me know in the comments.

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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Home Life

Set The Stage: Create Routines and Schedules That Make Mommyhood Easy(er)

Hello Love,

If you are moving from day-to-day, with little to no plan, cleaning and creating as you go it’s time to stop RIGHT NOW! Sometimes you want to just go with the flow, do things when you have time, do things when you need to, or do things when you’re tired of them not being doing, then we both know why family life is harder than it needs to be.

Your partner can’t help you if you just do things when it moves you, your kids can’t keep things in order if you only do so when you’re fed up and have to do it, you can’t be inspired to do other things when your mind or your energy is scattered on housework, parenting, and trying to take care of yourself.

You are the director, mommy! You are the one that calls the shots, sets the stage for all the routines to go smoothly or not, and you create the timeline for EVERYONE to follow. So, if you are the creator of it… are you happy with what you created.

I know, that early on in my relationship, I set the bar HIGH for MYSELF (What was I thinking?) All because I wanted to impress T and get him to like me. I came off as SUPERWOMAN, and I had the audacity to make it look easy. So why…. after 2 years of being superwoman when I was ready to be normal, was that such a problem and caused such a rift. Well, I was switching things up, making things difficult, and changing our norm.

And now since I made those changes, I don’t have to be superwoman all the time.

Sure I can be sometimes but I don’t have to be anymore. (THANK GOD!) The times where I packed a bag, in my mind, transferred funds out of my bank account, in my mind, and dipped out for some days. BUT, no that wasn’t going to happen. So instead of living a life that I wanted to runaway from, I changed it to one that made things beautiful.

So first things first… get clear on what you want. What do you want to see happen when you get home from work? When the kids get home from school? When your partner wakes up in the morning? When its time to do laundry? When it’s time to clean up the house? When it’s time to balance the books? When it’s time to have an event? The list goes on and on. But first YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.

Then create a schedule out of it. This is where routine comes to help.

  • What days will you do laundry?
  • What time will you cook dinner?
  • What days will you get gas?
  • What time will the kids take a bath?
  • Go to bed?
  • What time do you go over homework?
  • What chores will your partner do?
  • When are your girl’s days/nights?
  • What day(s) will go to the grocery store?
  • What day will you guys have family night?
  • How often will you have date night?
  • When will you visit family?
  • How will you spend time with your partner?
  • When is your self-care days?
  • When is your personal days? (No partner, no kids, no friends)
  • ALL OF THESE THINGS… and a few more… Make up your routine, schedules, and ultimately become how you run your life.

So go through the list, mark it on the calendar and stick to it until it becomes part of your muscle memory. So much so that you don’t have to think about it at all… it just comes as easily and as often as taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

What systems do you have in place? What are something you struggle with? What are some of the routines that you wish to tighten up? Let me know in the comments.

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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