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Is College In Your Child’s Future? Are You Sure?

Hello Love,

So if your kids are close in age to mine then I am sure that the idea of college has crossed your mind. My son had his Kindergarten school pictures and they dressed my son in a cap and gown and he smiled his biggest smile but I thought, the pressure of this is strange.

I graduated undergrad 2010, got my Master’s in 2018 and I am a Special Education Teacher for a public school in Los Angeles, CA. Not sure if it shows but I am a bit skeptical about furthering your education when the school system hasn’t quite caught up to the changes of global competition, our current job market, and the actual learning needs as technology has evolved as rapidly as it has. I pride myself on being up with the times and using the latest research, looking into what other countries such as Japan and New Zealand are doing for their students but college in America is Failing Americans.

So Is College something that I truly want to promote?

I know my student loan balance is ridiculous crazy, and It positions us to provide pretty well for our family with our 2 person income, but I know far too many students who have student loans, are underemployed and then live in places like Los Angeles that make being a “grown up” crazy difficult because rent for a 1 bedroom is over 1600/month and their 19/hour position can’t cut it. Now doing the math this is a salary nearing 40/K but ask anyone who makes this and they will follow up their pay with, roommates, living at home, or maintaining life with credit card balances.

Add on to that, that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is replacing and circumventing the need for personnel and  workers in middle level positions ensuring that skilled employment and trade employment may be the way of the future. Student Loan INTEREST revenues are in the Trillions of dollars and Universities and Colleges are popping up everywhere because Distant Learning (AKA online programs) make it possible to get a MBA that you will never use and end up at Home Depot working as a mid-level supervisor. Am I knocking Home Depot? Of Course not. I am not knocking online programs? Maybe. But I am definitely ANTI- underemployment and degrees that don’t yield dividends.

I am opting to not promote college and acquiring a degree to my 5 year old who is counting down the days until Friday and the minutes until 2:30pm. We have to be honest and open and understand that the promise of what we had to look forward to when we were young may not be the ONLY thing to promote to our children. If the BLACK and other people of color college graduates are struggling and barely making ends meets in 2019 what will be the circumstances in 2030. We aren’t certain of what our future will look like in 2020 so I can’t call what Sean, graduating class of 2034 will have as an option and how much it will cost us.

I am for my son’s education. I am for him bettering himself and promoting being his best, living a life of service to others, finding his place in the world, cultivating experiences and friendships with individuals with completely different background, family styles, socioeconomic backgrounds, different ethnicities, and the likes but I truly can’t call it.

I am promoting my son being true to himself, cultivating his passions, finding a problem in the world that he wants to solve, and being a self-directed learner to seek out the answers to the questions that he asks. I am promoting that my son have confidence in himself, what he believes, his values, and his idea of what success, freedom, and service means and how he would want to show it to the world. We are not focused on a destination, leading him to believe that his has to work to get to a place, and the place thereafter, the place thereafter. I am getting him to pride himself in the journey, make pace in this marathon. Life is not a sprint.

College is not a place that he needs to focus on getting to.

We are working on my sons in being present. Focusing on the now. Finding what they like and exploring it until they find something new to breathe life into. I am working on their future being bright for themselves and not based on what I have in mind for them. I am advocating for showing our babies what is out their and trusting that they know better than we about what they are purposed and passionate for.

My mom didn’t make me into a writer or a teacher. I just became one. She didn’t do anything to make me want to become one, I created a path and worked my way to it and she aided me in that. Imagine if we aided our children into what they knew they were purposed for. Abandoned our own expectation of what needed to be achieved in order to be deemed successful. College may be in their future. But not because we required it of them, instead we showed it to them and they made the choice to. But this starts at home. It starts with them. It’s cultivated by us. What about you? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

Make Learning At Home Easy,

Shea Tracey




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What Nipsey Hussle Taught Us

Hello Lovely,

I write this post saddened by the news of Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death and what these means for the hip-hop community and the Black community, specifically those in South Central LA. Ermias Asghedom, known as Nipsey Hussle, was an a gang member, philanthropist, activist, investor, entrepreneur, rap artist, community leader, mentor, organizer, father, son, and friend.

The media outlets highlighted his gang affiliation as the overlying cause of his tragic death. But we can not possible reduce his death to this when he was truly a thought leader, a influencer, and an example of what should be focused on through our experience of life.

He invested in building up the community, buying back the block for Blacks to prosper and believing in generational wealth that dismissed material wealth. Starting his legacy publicly back in 2005 he had made efforts and investments when he had little to most recently up until 2019 buying into the Black community. He did things for the community that ranged from buy shoes for some of the school kids around the way, paying for funerals, providing jobs a shelter to the homeless, advocating about energy, momentum, and living a passion filled life. He invested in community rebuild such as Destination Crenshaw, he helped renovate World on Wheels and just made a recent purchase which was part of the initial to help Los Angeles locals. He invested into 54th elementary school, opened family business to circulate dollars into the community, purchased and promoted Vector 90 a co-working space for creatives to have a place to conduct business, network, and build their own businesses.

He advocated on rebuilding Los Angeles and not leaving it. He modeled this for others. He bought into this, so It’s no question that I bring this to your attention about what we are showing, modelling, and teaching to our own children about community, legacy, and empowerment. ” We play the long game, we don’t want the money to stop, when we go what it to be generational.”

Part of what I am teaching my own boys are to look outside of the system, the institutions, and pave a way for ourselves. To build on entreprenuerial wealth and look for different ways to make money outside of the usual paradigm of just getting a job, saving for retirement, and enjoying your life towards the end. Nipsey Hussle is a perfect example that you are not promised forever. Teach them to focus on today. Enjoy today. Bring joy today. Give today. And build a legacy along the way.

Make Learning At Home Easy,

Shea Tracey

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Let Go Of The Control You Think You Have

Hello Love,

So I was graced in listening to a podcast of Oprah’s Soul Sunday’s featuring Dr. Shefali and she said something that resonated with me to my core that I had to share with you. Her new book The Awakened Family, talks about conscious parenting and identifying the space you come from in rearing/raising your child. But she even challenges this notion of raising and ownership.

Our children come through us, but they are not us.

And this is something I am coming more and more to terms with. As a teacher, we would often laugh at parents who fixed their mouth to say, He doesn’t do this at home. The skepticism came from how could you not know what your child is capable of when they are outside of your presence. But now with a child that is having those same issues I can see how this exact situation could happen because I find myself wanting to use the same line.

The child they are describing wouldn’t do those things in front of me. So it’s quite valid to say, he doesn’t do them at home. But he’s doing them in school. And it doesn’t matter how many times we talk to him, reprimand him, reward him, pray for him, check up on him, check in on him, he is still an individual with his own mind, who makes his own choices outside of the information that we give him.

He is his own person. I can not control when I am not around him. I can not control him when I am around him. But I can provide input. I can be disappointed when he doesn’t live up to my expectation.

I can be surprised at what he does but the question come back to, “Is what he doing aligning with who he is?” Not the kid refusing string beans, (you’re going to eat your vegetables) but the kid who strays from the trail because he wants to walk on he pebbles and not the asphalt because he tells me it feels better. He’s straying from the path figuratively and literally. But that’s in perfect alignment with Sean.

So what can you control?

What do you have authority over? How much are you going to push and pull and force them to walk this path before you acknowledge just who they are as people?

I know my first child is nothing like my second. That they are way different, enjoy different things, like different cartoons, have a different style, and enjoy different activities. They are very similar but so different and both of them came from me. But I have just as much control over what foods and color they like as I do how they will behave in a certain situation.

And yeah, they’re will be the kids who are more compliant, and more obedient. Who won’t challenge you, and won’t talk back but honestly is that because of you or because of them?

Let’s let go of this idea that they have to follow our script, meet our expectations, and become what we want to be, behave, like, or fill in the blank however. And accept that our children are truly outside of us. Different than us. Individuals like us that need to be groomed and directed and supported so that they come to their highest selves.

My aim is to be happy, to be my most authentic self, to live up to my expectations unapologetically. This isn’t something that I want my children to start thinking about when they are adults or parents themselves. Let’s start early, let’s train them up from young to be their best selves. What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below.

Make Learning At Home Easy,

Shea Tracey

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How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen (And Tell The Truth)

Hello Love,

So hands up, if you have a kid that lies! (Both hands up, if they lie to your face after they’ve just finished doing what you told them not to do and you saw them, you ask them and they still lie to you) Why??? Why are they doing this? For the same reason, we lie. We’re trying to cover our ass. We messed up, we made a mistake, damn I forgot to turn that in. Awww, I was supposed to do this. I ate it by mistake. I broke it and I didn’t think you would notice… These are all the reasons we lie.

Why do our kids lie? Because they think they will get in trouble if they tell the truth. Why? Because we have taught them, not if you tell the truth you’re in trouble, but you’re in trouble for what you did… So to avoid that they lie. They lie, because they don’t feel safe telling the truth. They lie because they’re hoping some how I can get away with it. They lie because it’s easier than saying, I messed up.

No one really wants to say, HEY, I messed up!

Especially our beautiful, bright, just learning about the world 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds because they have learned, I get into trouble when I mess up. But not our 2 year olds not our 3-year-old. They will come to you hold your face and say “I made a mess!” They will hand you your favorite ( Fill in the blank here) put it in your hand and say “Mama, look” like they don’t know HOW that happened. When really it’s because they dropped it. The difference in the 2-year-old that tells the truth and the 5-year-old that lies is that we give the 2-year-old SO MUCH MORE GRACE.

BUT, they’re 2, they will make mistakes. Yet, at 5 we think… they should have learned this by now.

I told him a million times, I showed him a million times. He knows what not to do…Does he really? If you’ve said it a million times, he’s heard it a million times, and still does it… Which one of you is slow? Not the baby, for having it hear it a million times, but for you the adult who said it over and over, for it not to sink in, and with that information you never changed your message. 

Talk to them in a way they understand. What does that look like?

Don’t run in the house. Don’t jump on the couch. Don’t put that in that. Stop, No. What did I tell you? What are you doing? Oh-MY-GOD, if you touch that one more time! (this is not it, Love) Kids don’t hear “Don’t!” Telling them what not to do, without telling the WHAT to do, leaves a lot of room for miscommunication. Leaves way for so much frustration. And aggravates the both of you, for no reason.

Walk in the house. Sit on the couch. Put the fork back in the draw. Stand still. Let’s keep our hands to ourselves. I gave you a direction, do you remember what it was. You seem to like this glass vase. We can look but let’s leave in on the shelf. Giving them clear expectation. Clear instruction. Something they can turn into movement and suddenly your child is listening.

Want them to Tell them the Truth? Stop setting them up.

What did you say? (You know what they said, you already heard it) Now instead let’s ask, “Why did you say (fill in the blank here)? I don’t know is never an acceptable answer. It’s a cop-out. Maybe they don’t know why they said it, let’s give them words for what they were feeling. Oh you were sad, that made you angry, you thought it would be funny. BUT not the defense. Do you tell people the truth when you’re feeling attacked. Do you tell on yourself, when your too scared to own up to your mistake. No. So give them grace. Give them an out. Let them learn, I can go to my mom when I mess up, she will help me. I can go to my mom, when I don’t know she will help me. Because often times we have taught them to do it alone but they’re aren’t always equipped.

Even we have days when we can’t ( I can’t adult today, it’s too much)

So for your kid, let’s stop with the he should have know better, I didn’t raise him to do…. I’m sure you didn’t but he did it, now what? (When he walks in alignment he did it because of you, when he is out of alignment he did it on his own?) Not the case, our kids our living, breathing, hearts that walk outside of our bodies. With their own mind, with their own habits, their own tastes, their own personalities. It is all them, all the time. We don’t put in, we draw out. So let’s help the baby to speak his truth, get the help, fix the mistake, learn from the mistake, and do so in the safe space he can, at home with mom.

Make Learning At Home Easy,

Shea Tracey

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How This Millennial Mom’s Picks Books For My 5 Year Old

Hello Love,

We are already in March, and I know my resolution for this year was to get my kids off of the screens and into books that they didn’t want to put down! I have been successful so far on 8 or 9 attempts in over the past 40 books we’ve read in the months that have passed.

I’m definitely not buying these books, we and our local library have gotten to be cool and the Barnes and Nobles story hour has led to some time spent with cookies from the Starbucks counter and smudges on books that don’t get purchased. (If you’ve bought a book from Barnes and Nobles with chocolate in the pages then I owe you money).

But something I have noticed and that the books my kid loves, ABSOLUTELY LOVE, have very little to do with the things he plays with on a day-to-day basis but more so on the questions that he asks about life, the world, our family, and things he sees in movies.

Sean loves, Nerf guns, video games, wrestling, and paint. NO, I can not get him to sit through 1 book about any of these items.

But when he asks a question about clues, and were reading about a mystery HE IS ALL OVER IT.

He asks a question about the government and we picked up a picture book about historic sites in DC and he wanted me to read it over and over. He asked about our family tree so of course we bought a book about families, traditions, and heirlooms.

Sean knowing that he can find the answer to his question from a book or Siri, let’s him know that we as his parents aren’t the only one with answers. That he can look for them himself. That he can find them himself. And he feels empowered. He feels smart. He feels himself to be hardworking and it’s definitely earned because he came to those answers on his on based a book that he chose.

These skills are life long skills that he will use until he is old. So when in doubt. Don’t pursue books that are “what they’re into” consider books that have information about things they often ask about, things that make them double take, the stuff that wows them, and not their comfort play toys and items they use to relax.

I’m also throwing in this freebie! It’s a book log to help you keep track of all those books you and your kids are reading. We already are losing track of the books we read and I want them to have an idea of how many we’ve gotten in over the course of a year. You can download it here!

Make Learning At Home Easy,

Shea Tracey

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Positive Self Talk For the Kids (Not Just Praise and “Good Job”)

Hello Lovely,

In the spirit of Parenthood Monday, I wanted to start with the why of positive self talk! Yes, we say, Good girl (and hope we don’t sound like we’re talking to a dog) and provide rewards like “If you do good today, we can get donuts after school” (It’s not bribery they worked for it) I’m talking about straight parenting, in terms of building relationships, rapport, and love between you and you child.

Now did you know that for 1 negative statement you need 5 to neutralize it. Neutralize in terms of not making it matter. So let’s look at that…

Why are you being so lazy?

  1. You worked so hard.
  2. You worked so hard
  3. You worked so hard.
  4. You worked so hard.
  5. You worked so hard

And guess what…They still don’t believe that they’re not lazy.

You said 1 negative thing. Said 5 positive things and now that 1 negative thing you said, has no weight on who they believe themselves to be.

So imagine, if you say 3 of 4 negative things…the number of positive statements you would need to say just so that they would actually believe it.

Words are powerful. So powerful. And as parents…we often take them lightly. Not because we don’t love our kids, not because we don’t care, but sometimes we are wreckless and don’t see the gravity in our actions and words on these small people we are raising.

So let’s work on positive affirmations. Beautiful, wonderful, intrinsic value words that we can teach our children to say to themselves and provide the self-esteem that we literally CAN NOT give them. (It’s called self-esteem (in my Kat Williams voice) It’s esteem of yourself) But we teach them…how to think ABOUT themselves, how to talk to themselves, how to love themselves.

So give yourself grace, give your child’s life and in the moments where they mess up, they can’t get it right, are driving you crazy, are not doing their best, are too tired, hungry, or agitated to care, remember that this is a teachable moment. That instead of reacting, you come in with the assist (like Jason Kidd from the Nets) and help them get the win. Help them navigate the situation. Help them to see the brighter side.

Help them to help themselves.

So in your 4 minutes of agitation… when you are annoyed and drop 1, 2, 3, 4 negative statements, comments, criticisms, or ….about your kid remember you will need 5, 10, 15, 20 statements just for those negative ones to have NO EFFECT.

You are literally the make or break to your kid and their best self. So when, it’s too much, as the adult remember to be quiet. And when they come through with the goodness SHOWER THEM with praise, love, affirmation, high fives, cookies, hugs, whatever it is you guys do as a unit and keep them with enough points on their scoreboard to make it through the next round.

Make Home Learning Easy,

Shea Tracey

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What My Brother’s Suicide Taught Me About Life?

Hello Love,

So just a say after celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my best friend and love of my life, I have to acknowledge the day my brother took his on life. We were estranged, my brother and I, after he left to join the military during my sophomore year of high school and I didn’t hear from him again until shortly after I graduated college.

He messaged me to let me know he was proud. And sent me a gift.

He sent my a kindle fire, something I used until I lost the charger, and something I haven’t thrown away because it’s the only thing he ever gave me.

While I was on the first day to with the man that would one day be my husband, my older brother went out into the woods of Colorado, with a device that he made on his own, and took his own life. He was found a few hours later by some people on a hike and we found out after the police dropped by my moms, to let us know his body had been found.

It  was surreal the people that swept in to be by our side at this time. Crazy, how strong I realized I could be as my family fell apart breaking down in fits of tears, trying to remember the memories we had. I was tasked with finding people that knew him. People that could explain to us where he had been, what happened, and how we was shortly before he ended it all.

And in that process, I learned a lot about my brother. Who he was? What he liked? What he was working on? What dreams he had that didn’t hold up for one reason or another? And it made me reflect about my own life immediately. And in knowing my brother reached for his dreams and for whatever reason couldn’t meet them, he tried to live a life he loved, but for some reason was unable, I switched my energy of who I thought I needed to be and decided to become more of who I was, am, becoming.

At 31, he ended his life. And at 25 I began mine.

Every year has been more and more of me finding myself, living out my dreams, pursuing my desires and passions, loving my kids, being open with my spouse, being the person I wanted to be and not the one I thought I had to be. And as I get older I realize more and more exactly who that is.

So what did his death teach me exactly, it taught about living. REALLY living. About experiencing, feeling, being open, being honest, being real, and moving away, letting go, and riding myself of things that didn’t let me do that. His death taught me about how much power I really have. The power to start, to finish, to end it. His death taught me about the demons that I had for myself and how I needed to deal with them before they destroyed me. The destructive thoughts, the harmful thinking, the tattered memories, my childhood scars, my own fears, my triggers, the gaps in my thinking, my denial of self. He taught me to deal with that so that not living my dreams would stop haunting me.

Every year, I get better. I get more excited, I feel more at ease with myself, more at ease with my decisions, more proud because of my choices. I have learned its not always about the end. The legacy. The culmination, but about the day. Focusing on the moment. Living in the now. And being open to letting those you love do it with you.

His death taught me to let people in. It taught me there is so much more to life. That time is abundant when you look at the moment. That I have so much left to do. So much more to experience. I learned to be a better mom, better partner, better friend, better teacher, a better me, because of how I want to feel right now and how I want to be remembered. How do you want you kids to think of you, you family to think of you, your community to acknowledge you?

How do you want to be remembered?

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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Our Love Story Is My Favorite

Hello Love,

Today, March 14 is our 4 year anniversary as a couple. We have each had 4 birthday, 3 Christmases, 3 Thanksgiving, 4 New Years, 1 son together, 2 going on 3 of Mason’s birthdays, 4 of Sean’s Birthdays, countless dates, crazy moments, days of silence, and great laughs together…. and it still feels like the beginning.

I’ve known him since I was 8 years old. Met him, in 4th grade going to West Vernon Elementary. He is the older brother of one of my closest friends. At 8 I wasn’t checking for him, but when I did start even at 13, I knew he was off limits. So we floated in proximity, between polite smiles, sideway stares, and not much else until about 12 years later.

Talk about timing.

For the first time ever, we were both single at the time, both having gotten out of complicated and difficult relationships, when we were finally seated next to each other at a birthday dinner, that I got a last minute invite to and he of course, as her brother had to be there. We sat, we talked, and it was known to everyone at the table that this was a union that was long awaited.

I knew on this night, this man was going to be my husband.

Over drinks, poker, good music, hospitality, the book Gone Girl, on his bookshelf, we got to talk. We shared similar values, we made each other laugh, we just fit. In all of our differences, in all of our uniqueness, in his quirks, my annoyances, his introvert, to my loud, we made perfect sense.

And from then with time I was shown, this amazing kind of love. A love that is calm, endearing, happy, and natural. We bring out bits of each other that wouldn’t be there without the other. We bring out the best in each other in the most subtle of questions, words of encouragement, moments of silence, requests of new behavior, submission, vulnerability, passion, monotony, and moments of excitement. We mesh, me mixed, we blend like silk and cashmere, fragile, luxurious and beautifully made.

So excited to do life with this man and as we embark on a new year together I am looking forward to all the other beautiful memories we will make together.

What’s the most interesting thing about your love story? What’s your favorite part? Share with me in the comments.

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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Home Life

The Key to Great Time Management and Efficiency For Millennial Moms

Hello Love,

We are just moving along in our week and headed midway into March, how is your 2019 looking so far. My word for this year has been focus and in that I have worked really hard to narrow down my efforts and get a few BIG things done this year. But in order to get those things done Time Management and Efficiency are absolute musts.

I used to play with time. Let it run from me, waste it, idle around until I created emergencies for myself, but not anymore. Every minute of the day is important and it’s up to me to use it wisely. There are millions of things to do, that have to be done, that should be worked on and its only you that will make sure that they get done. The question is WHEN?

When will you focus on A, B, or C? How you decide determines how productive you will be.

So the Key to Great Time Management and Efficiency is PRIORITIES.

You have to set them out and be intentional about getting to them at certain times or parts of your day. Saying you will versus making a plan are two completely different things. You have to identify the priority and create the plan for its moving parts. How long do you think each part will take you and when do you have that time in you day, your week, your month, etc.

I.E.; I have to make organize the kids toy box, create meal plan for the week, or do spring cleaning for the house.

  1. Identify the goal
  2. Break it into smaller parts. Clean the House. (Kitchen, Living room, Dining room, bathroom, kids bedroom, master bedroom, garage, and front porch)
  3. What needs to be done in each of those areas. (Kitchen= thaw out freezer, toss out old food, clean oven, change filter for vent, go through Tupperware for lids, dishes, clean dishwasher, sweep, mop)
  4. Identify how much time each of those things would take.  (Kitchen: thaw out freezer=4 hours, toss out old food=30 minutes, clean oven=1 hour, change filter for vent= 20 minutes, go through Tupperware for lids=20 minutes, dishes=30 minutes, clean dishwasher=1 hour, sweep=15 minutes, mop= 15 minutes)
  5. Then look through and seen when you can get part of that list done with your current schedule. Today I will for sure, go through Tupperware, change filter, and clean the oven)

When you have 10 things to do you have to narrow your focus and the use of the your energy down to 3 nonnegotiables. I have to do 1, 2, 3. If I get to 4 or 5 then that’s great but before my head hits the sheets 1-3 will be done. And following through on this is the next most important thing.

And in that you also have to know what is NOT a priority. Something could very well be busy work, a waste of time, or redundant to focus all of your energy on it today if it won’t matter next month. Be discerning of what to give your energy to. Not everything requires it.

It’s not enough to make the plan for it, carve out the time, get the materials and for the time to come you decided you are too tired, too sick, too unavailable, to get it done. You make the plan and THEN you work the plan.

What are you 3 big priorities for the week? And then Your 1 Big Thing for your upcoming days.  Let me know in the comments.

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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How We Explore Our Children’s Interests and Cultivate Their Passions

Hello Love,

What are your kids obsessed with? Is it video games, butterflies, airplanes, or maybe dolls. Whatever it is this is a sign that YOU GUYS MUST DO SOMETHING. I believe that our children came into this world with a whole PERSONALITY, likes, dislikes, taste, preferences, things they find funny, foods they are obsessed with, characters that make them smile, the works, and it is up to you mommy to find out what it is. So amazingly, your child has a song that they love, a TV show that they can binge watch, a food that eat by the basket-full this is your opportunity to engage.

That smile is a start.

What makes your kid smile? What do they want to talk about or always seem to notice? What is something that obsess over and cry when other kids take it? What are the things that make them tick?

Because once you find it, you get to do more with it.

It’s not enough, that your kid’s first word is ball, shower him with balls, and all different kinds. Books about balls, different sports that have balls in them, ways to throw, and catch, share, and play to get his love of balls. Movies that feature sports. Songs that sing, fun places where he gets to play in them, surround himself with him and build on his knowledge of it.

Do this with everything your child seems to love! I would challenge, that your kids has already shown you the kind of person they are. What their temperament is? What their demeanor is? What their impulses are? What their fears are? And with that you have to make sure that you use this and cultivate it and build upon it until they tire of it.

My son, loves maps. He likes to know where places are? How far places are? Where they are on the map? What is the city known for? How fast can we get there? What people have to wear for the weather they have there? What are good places for people to eat there? Is their McDonald’s different from the one we have up the street? He wants to find it on the map, see it on GPS, count down the time until we arrive, and take something back with us when we leave.

I have a ball player and a traveler.

  • Who are your children?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they talk about?
  • What would that do to get you to talk about it to?

Books, movies, YouTube videos, games, classes, board games, flashcards, songs, educational websites, coloring pages, puzzles, groups, clubs, etc. is your next step.

We all have things we loved as children, things that we could of went deeper into, things that we loved, talents that we have that we could of cultivated that we didn’t. So in knowing what you child needs to develop talents, skills, interests, or whatever in your child, helps them to cultivate themselves but with your help mom.

It’s not enough to give your child everything you didn’t have but to teach them everything you didn’t know. Give them opportunities you didn’t have, expose them to experiences you didn’t get a chance to experience, and introduce them to people that are completely different perspectives. We are the roots and we have to grow our children up so they can grow  and blossom.

Make Family Life Easy,

Shea Tracey

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  • Quote it. #praisehim #blessings #1busymommy #goodquote #trust #faith #christian #walk #norunning #love #life #laugh #momblogger #mommyblogger
  • New books to inhale over the next few days! #surrenderedwife #surrender #lauradoyle #teachtoberich #ramitsethi #1busymommy #newbooks #goodreads #planner #momblog #mommyblogger #familyblogger #blog #personalblog #browngirlbloggers
  • With one of my favorite mommies! At the Teacher Eddy awards!!! 2019 is showing out! Glory be to God! #momblogger #momblog #teacher #teachereddyawards #teachereddy #nightout #gown #lovelynight #mommyblogger #teacherblog #1busymommy
  • Beautiful home designs coming soon 😊 #homedecor #homedesign #homedecoration #designideas #bookreads #1busymommy #momblog #mommyblogger #dreamdecor #homelove #ready #ourfirsthome
  • Happy birthday to my first born!!!!!!! 6 years old today. Trying to savor every moment because time is flying
  • When dad makes pizza mommy gets a half day off. Dishes only (hella dishes) #momblogger #familyblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #parenting #busymomlife #pizza #cookingwithtony #momnightoff #pizza #fromscratch #homemade #authentic #delicious
  • To see this was definitely worth it! #momblogger #familyblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #parenting #busymomlife #1busymommy #waterfall #northerncali #lagirl #trip #springbreak
  • No matter how sort. Our world is not just our block. Let’s take a look! #momblogger #familyblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #parenting #busymomlife #parentblog #worldview #mommyblogger #mommyblog #mommybloggers #trip
  • Road trip! My boys are sleeping so beautifully. #momblogger #familyblogger #momlifeisthebestlife #parenting #busymomlife #momofboys #blackboyjoy #bigsur #1busymommy #cartrips #minivacation #parentlife #mom #mommy

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