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Why Family Life Design is the Key to Success? (What Have You Designed for them?)

Hello Love,

Happy New Year! (I think this is the last time I get to say it lol) Can you believe that 14 days has already passed by?

As you think about the word that you chose for 2019, the goals you have created, and the exciting plans that you have laid out, I want you to  pause for a second with this idea that I’ve been playing with. As a mom, we would all say that Family is important. The question I have for you is How important? And you might say, the most important thing! And Then I would ask you…. Is that the space that you make decisions from every time?

All the time?

Does your family shape your life? Or does your life shape your family?

Do you make the choices that you make because you think of family as the center or is your job, your finances, your energy, your ______ fill in the blank, fueling your decisions?

And I ask, because only you know. Only you can decide if whether or not you truly put family first or if family is important.

Then when thinking about the kind of life you want…Where you want to shop? What you want to do during the week? on the weekends? trips to take? places to go? things to see? I bet all of your answers create the kind of life you want for your family. The things you want them to see, do, experience, buy, have, and …. it comes down to what overall quality of life your family would have.


do we use that as the foundation of our lives? Are we thinking what kind of family experience  we want to have in order to shape the lives we’re creating? I’m willing to bet that you don’t or maybe that’s not the language you use.

So I am coining Family Life Design.

Starting from home and creating the dynamic that you want to feel at home and using that to shape what your experiences will be in the world.

Creating the structure you want in your home, so that you have empowered children that know what they have to do, a spouse that knows how to help, so that mom isn’t constantly bordering on overwhelm and burn out.

That you could leave your house and it would STILL function without you. Could you do that? For how long? 

Don’t worry, I’ll wait. lol

I know that because I have been guilty of Doing it all, Not needing help, having it covered, only to pass out after a couple of days right after bedtime because I didn’t want to look like I had it all together. Exhausted because I didn’t prepare my kids to help with clean up, laundry, household activities, keeping their things in order, and whatever else you want to add to the list. My honeybun wants to help but before I was to uptight about how I wanted things to be done, what it needed to look like, how it was supposed to taste and was just inflexible in creating a home life that we both created.

So for 2019

We are putting down our capes, and thinking up what our ideal family life would look like? How our kids and spouse could help? The community we have in this thing called motherhood. And how that would fuel us to have the time for self care instead of the early wake ups or the midnight oil stints just to get some me time. 

How is family life design going to change your day to day?

Well, does the time of day that you want your kids to have to wake up dictate the kind of job you take or the schools they go to? What kind of activities do you want your child to be in could dictate the kinds of neighborhood you move to or how much is in the expense line in your budget to make sure that it’s provided for? What kind of burn out are you experiencing and what would you like to take off your plate and put onto your spouse or your children? Family life design is not about starting from scratch but building from where you are to where you want to be.

There is no ideal family situation. All of our families are different. We all have different needs and wants. But mom, you have to realize HOW MUCH POWER you have in creating this dynamic for your family.

Does your family life look exactly the way that you want it to? And if it did….how much happier would you be?

I say let’s be the generation that truly puts family first. Let’s create our family life with a little bit more finesse than what just happened… or from taking bits and pieces from the mothers before us. Let us set out a blueprint with an end in mind instead of just building as things come up.

What’s one thing you can change today to make your family life look exactly like you want today? Tell me in the comments below.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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Book Recommendations Home

Get the Environment that Creates Results with January’s Book Recommendation

Hello Love,

Happy New Year! It’s already the first OFFICIAL week of January! Can you believe it’s already the 7th? 51 weeks left to make things happen! Since January is the month of preparation to cement those beautiful plans you have for an amazing 2019, add reading this book onto the list. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has already turned the energy around in my house.

Netflix has done Ah-mazingness by creating a show out of it called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She is so CUTE and you “real live” don’t mind having her tell you how to clean and organize your house. So she comes in and introduces herself to your home and consults you on how to go about tidying up! An art that for most people hasn’t been taught and is learned through trial and error.

So, I of course got the book, and went to reading. I thought I was organized with all of my beautiful containers and in her pages this woman called me a hoarder…and I had to stop and take inventory of that….like maybe I am.

So after 100 pages of reading…. I got the family involved. We ended up getting rid of 10 trash bags full of clothes that were ONCE sitting in our drawers and closets. This is stuff that we just had, sitting, that we had to sift through, and make due, and try to piece together the things we liked. But after, getting rid of the clothing items that “didn’t bring us joy” it was easy to see so many outfits that I had available to wear. I got the honeybun to join me and it turned out to be energizing for him too.

Here we were thinking if we get rid of everything, what will we have left. But once we were confronted with everything we had it was easy to let some of it go. The closets are now cleaned out, our room and desks are orderly. I was so ready to sit down and get to work at my desk because finally it was inviting and organized and not full of things.

So we did the clothes, we started on the kids clothes, got rid of some books that we didn’t really care for, made out of some papers and now we have to move to the other parts of the house.

This is the process.

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper
  4. Komono (miscellaneous items)
  5. Sentimental items






In getting the space organized, we then started looking at our goals. Mapped them out together and got to work immediately. We did this one thing and all of a sudden we wanted to jump onto everything else right now, We haven’t made it quite through the whole list yet but the 3 things we noticed immediately was 1) we felt renewed by how organized everything was once we got rid of the excess. 2) We created an actual space for our items so that we can maintain our tidyiness and since we did it together we both knew what the system was and 3) we came to understand and appreciate each other a bit more because I understood what he was sentimental over including which style he liked more than others which after 4 years of being together and 20 years of knowing him, I am still learning (we met in elementary) and he learned what clothes more about my personality and what clothes me feel beautiful rather than just the ones I have in my closet.

So, in doing that we feel energized, orderly, and lighter going into the coming days of 2019. Marie Kondo has sold over 6 million copies of her New York times Best seller and having an amazing organized space it creates this harmony in your home that all the reviews seem to be raving about. We feel it and I’m thinking you should try it too. Make January your set up month and be sure to grab your copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

I highly recommend it. It’s an easy read and really practical. You house may look a bit of a mess for a bit. We loaded up the car immediately with all the clothes we planned on donating but for you it may be different. So start the year off with a clean slate and feel renewed. Let your environment and your organization push you to do better in all the other aspects of life. It starts with home.

Let me know your thoughts on the book, and the wardrobe of clothes you ending up keeping. My new favorite is this yellow maxi dress, with this pretty flower print. I love yellow, dresses, and just recently lost weight because of this paleo-keto diet that we’re on. So I am starting 2019 off right! Let me know how it works for you

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis



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Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work (for most people)

Hello Love,

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that we made it to 2019! Praise God! 2019 is the start of a new chapter on life!

BUT BEFORE, you go off an set these New Year Resolutions let me stop you!

So, we all know what New Year’s Resolution’s are right! You make this promises, set these arbitrary goals but never come up with an actual plan of action! People say a lot of stuff but we only give them credit for the things that you do. Not always the attempt, but the things that get done get attention.

But sometimes resolutions get started and then are not completed. You work on them but they never seem to get done? Why? Because you aren’t good enough, you don’t have enough time, because you don’t have enough money? None of these are true.

Resolutions don’t work because you didn’t make a plan that was tangible enough for you to work through. You weren’t specific, you didn’t have a plan, let alone a checkpoint, or a reward to get you to continue working on a goal! WHY? Because believe it or not you have prepared yourself to get it. A resolution is a blanket statement and a goal is just a wish if its not so specific that you can see if when you come across it someone else can see it and say,

Girl, isn’t that for you?

Now before you set out to do 10 things this year….How about you start with 3? 3 MAJOR THINGS. 3 Things That ARE SO BIG, So Specific, that when you get it it can actually be marked off as completed and at it to the I GET THINGS DONE category.

So why is “I’m going to lose weight this year and workout” a resolution but not a goal? Because you weren’t specific enough. Lose weight? How much weight? Through what course of action? In what manner? By When? Is it reasonable? Are you able? Did you prepare?

So, to the woman that is waking up hungover this morning, saying she expects to lose weight this year….She has already set herself up. Because she’s not ready. 

Preparation requires planning.

And if you haven’t prepared you are most likely going to fail. You have TO SOBER UP when you wake up hungover. You think this person can grab something Healthy and expect to feel better. Probably not.

To sober up, sis, probably will have some heavy carbs, some pedialyte, have to sleep it off, (because let’s be real, it’s easier to be hungover at 30 lol) and then maybe start tomorrow. But its Tuesday, today, and I don’t want to start on a Wednesday. So I should wait until Monday when the week is new. SIKE. This is what we call DREAM DELAY. And It’s also how most of Resolutions work.

So instead….

(I’m a day late, because She already turned up last night). Today, she would (while Hung Over) clean out her refrigerator and cabinets and get rid of all the food that may stop her from losing weight. She would get her gym membership ONLINE, you don’t even have to leave the house, and set out a plan (what days, what times, and how she will get there) to start on on her goal. She would need to go grocery shopping, plan out meals, prep meals ahead of time in order to avoid eating out, and so on.

The resolution is the idea. The goal is specific. But the plan it what brings it to fruition.

So resolutions do not work because they are not the solution. You can’t change your life with just the idea. You have to give it a foundation to grow. It has to have roots to expand. It has to become real.  You make the plan, then you work the plan to bring the idea into the physical. So think about the resolutions you have set. Make a plan to make them come into fruition. Be specific about your goals. And don’t have to many of them. We overestimate what we can do in a day, but underestimate what can be done in a year.

So the resolution turned into the goal would be something like this.

By June 1st, I will lose 30 pounds by working out at 24 hour fitness every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for 1 hour doing a spin class and weight lifting, and track it in my fitness journal.

By (date), (Who) will (specific action here), by (how), (how often), for (how long) through (course of action) and track (where will you record this accomplishment)

 Now go out and set some goals. Just a few, so that you can put them in your done list for 2019.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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Self Care

1 Busy Mommy’s Guide to Finding Out Who You Are … (And Doing It On Purpose)

Hello Love,

This is Sheamonique Ellis with 1 Busy Mommy. The millennial mom’s online destination for all things personal development, lifestyle, self love, and family life. The main mission is to pour into yourself so that you can pour into everyone else and what better way to go into 2019 by getting closer to your truth and finding out who you are!

So I looked through my journals and looked at all of my books from 2018 and came up with a self discovery journal. 2018 was a year of self discovery and I tapped into my soul, got closer to God, and really came to manifest my power as a woman, a mom, and a spouse. So In this, I have some questions and some situations  to consider to get closer to what you want, what you like, what you dislike, what you need for yourself, and for others. Its 30 pages that can be as deep as you let it. You can scratch the surface or go deep its all up to you. Download this amazing journal and see what you find out.

In 2018, I uncovered

  • my defense mechanisms towards people who yell at me (still working on this)
  • tapping into the lifestyle I really want
  • having real communication with Anthony about what moves us and what we are moving towards together
  • my legit concerns of being a former single mother and coming to depend on Anthony as a spouse
  • my career choice and how my own needs in my professional life
  • my friendships and what I need from others for me to feel we are truly friends
  • and the list goes on….

So see what this journal can do for your. Subscribe to the blog in order for you to download it now. It’s styled in color but still looks great in black and white. Let me know any new found revelations you come to.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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By Sheamonique Ellis Inspiration

Live Your Best Life: Things To Do Before 40 is NOW Available!!!!!!!!!

Hello Love!

This is Sheamonique Ellis with 1 Busy Mommy and I am so excited to see that Live Your Best Life: Things To Do Before 40 is now available at AMAZON!

This beauty dropped today! And I am ecstatic! I started this process in September, began writing and refining in October, made several attempts to have it finished for by my 30th birthday of November 25th and STILL I am elated. It still feels right on time! This was a bucket list of sorts that I created for myself. Unable to do all the things I wanted to do by my 30th birthday because let’s be real… I had 2 kids, started and almost completed a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Started and COMPLETED a Master’s and Teacher Credential in Special Education so doing ALL that I wanted wasn’t in the cards.


This book is my promise to myself…. It could have been infinitely longer like several of the Ultimate TO DO LISTS I came across but I wanted to be realistic and a BIT extra.

So I wrote this. And I Think It could be something for you to. I think this could get you think about what you want to experience, have, see, do, buy, read, and more.

1 Busy Mommy, will be my homage to this list and my journey in working on this list. So go to the link…ADD It Into Your Cart and BUY 1 for Your and ANOTHER for a friend!

This is the LINK! To Get the Book Live Your Best Life: Things To Do When You Turn 40 

Let me know some of the things you have on your list! Talk To me in the comments below.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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Self Care

How To Create/Break Habits and Be Who You Want To Be (Freebie Included)

Hello Love,

This is Sheamonique Ellis with 1 Busy Mommy. This is the 1 stop online destination for all things personal development, lifestyle, family, self love, and healing. So who you are is just a work up of all your habits.

Your morning routine, your self care regiment, your hobbies, your health, your personal development, family activities is all made up of your habits. If you have a habit of going to museums and bookstore then that becomes the family activities and your kids interests, la la la. But keeping and maintaining habits is a somewhat complex process but to chop it down and serve it up you have to give it a reward.

In order to reward yourself for keeping and maintaining habits you have to see the results of it and see that the reward is beneficial enough to maintain it. For example, you brush your teeth every morning. The reward for doing that is a nice healthy smile, the punishment would be stank breath, people making up their face when they talk to you, rotten teeth…. etc. But these are AVERSIVE and gross and you get feedback almost immediately.

But… not every habit works this way.

For instance, working on your Spanish every day through Duolingo, that amazing APP that has like 40 langauges,  may not have the immediate reward especially if you don’t get to use it often. You not doing it every day is not going to be Aversive unless you create a punishment for it which doesn’t often work. You are more likely to maintain a new habit if you enjoy the reward and not just because you are looking to avoid the punishment.

So the best way to maintain and create a new habit for these purposes would be to track it. And when you successfully complete the duration you reward yourself with something that will maintain the habit. So to follow up on the Spanish app, After using it for 6 days straight you can reward yourself with a glass of wine, sweet treat, a trip to your favorite take out spot or whatever else that matches or maintains the habit. You wouldn’t reward yourself with shoes…. because you wouldn’t be able to buy yourself a new pair of shoes every week.

So habit and a reward to match. Use this habit tracker to help you stay on top of it!

This helps me to keep track of a several habits at once.  Download it here at this link.

Put it somewhere you will see it daily. Keep track of it on here and watch the check marks grow. If you have to put a reminder in your phone do so, remember that do what works for you and do it consistently so that your new habits can just be a normal part of your routine. Let me know how it works out!

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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The 4 Things 2018 Taught Me and the 5 New Things I’ll Be Doing in 2019

Hello Love,

This is Sheamonique Ellis with 1 Busy Mommy! For all those new to the blog, 1 Busy Mommy is a safe space of self-love, self-care, self discovery and motherhood. I have come to realize that I am Shea first and mother, daughter, spouse, colleague, friend, etc…. are all the roles that I play. I used to LIVE for being someone’s mom and wife and now I have come to realize that it was a feeling I was chasing all along. I USED to think that motherhood meant unconditional love, selflessness, happiness, your heart walking outside of your body and all that other stuff BUT I have also come to realize that my experience and feelings in these roles come out of how I feel.

So it doesn’t matter if my kids are being amazingly cute, if I feel like shit. Mommy is too tired to care. I don’t care if he is in the mood….sleep sounds more appealing. Forget picking up the phone and listening to my friends rant about what happened in traffic… I am struggling to be happy with ME right now….

So I started to GIVE to myself and ALONG the way…. these are some of the things that 2018 taught me.


  1. You are only as full… YOU give yourself. My fiance can NOT fill me up, my job, my kids, my friends, my parents…..clothes, wine, books. TO FEEL GOOD requires something IN me and not something outside of myself. I had to fill MYSELF WITH ME…… The things that BROUGHT ME JOY. And Not a rush…. Like buying new heels that ARE BOSS…because I’m not going to wear them all day… and as soon as I put them in my closet I am back to neutral. SO I had to figure out what gives me a high that lasts for HOURS…EVEN Days…. THOSE were the things that would fill me. For me that was sitting in my car, music blasting, windows down, doing 75 going no where in particular…. I felt FREE, alive, enjoyed my time and my space and when I returned to my kids, I HAD SO MUCH TO GIVE THEM because I felt good. Shea feels good, means Mommy feels good and kids, fiance, family, friends, coworkers are happy.I can not do everything in my own strength. I have to give it to God. When I did everything, handled everything, looked at the details, counted all the coins, reviewed the checklist I was stressed, mad, overwhelmed and exhausted. I did this for months for years even and I had to stop and ask myself Shea “Why are you running?” What are you striving for?” “Who are you trying to prove something to?” Is this what YOU were called to do? And I had to stop and realize that I was stressed, overwhelmed, and tired because I was doing SO MUCH without God but I couldn’t sustain it on my own. SO, I surrendered. I gave it to God, I stopped stressing, and when I started stressing I would pray again. I would ask for guidance, I would look for confirmation. I would follow my intuition and suddenly my load was lighter. Things started to open up, things that took hours took maybe 1. Because I was going with the flow and not forcing my will on everything.
  2. I acknowledged the gift of being a mother. I used to attach my children to my responsibility. The expansion of my legacy. The extension of me…. AND It made being a mom HARDER than It needed to be. I started seeing every interaction with my children as a gift, a lesson, a memory that I would get to share. The nights when Mason would sneak into our bed at 2:00 in the morning, and want to talk to me, and pet my face, and tell me he loves me and conveniently fall back asleep when I had to get up at 5:30 am…. I begin to see as a gift. Because….My child, got up and WALKED to my bed side, and thought enough TO WANT to talk to me….and PET my face, and TELL ME HE LOVES ME… and THESE WERE ALL GIFTS. MEMORIES. Things that I would reminisce on and he would hardly remember. This was life… And I better enjoy it.
  3. That my job takes up a lot of my day….So I have to find peace, purpose, and love in it. I can’t keep living for Friday…and simply push through the day until 3:15 when the school bell ring. I had to find the miracle and love in everyday so that I had peace of mind and so I felt that I woke up on purpose that I finished each day with intention.
  4. Lastly, I gave up on listening to other people who didn’t see the world I did, and didn’t see the magic in it. I see the shit too, the hate, the racism, the misogyny,the famine, the death, I see ALL of IT…. But How can we have a full life if we only eat the bones and not the meat. How can we only see the negative and not the positive? How can we forget the beauty in the small things and overlook the rest for all the negativity in the world. I stopped sharing my dreams with people who would whisper their own self-doubt over them, I stopped explaining my soul to people, I stopped breaking down the lesson so that it could reach people who didn’t want to reach up to receive it. I stopped pleasing others and started pleasing me.


So with that I am taking the things I have found in response to those things…

  1. Prayer. I don’t know where I would be without prayer. I don’t know what I would have without prayer. Because the negative self talk that I had, the feelings that I had about my height, my hair, my voice, my smile, my demeanor, my intelligence, my aptitude, my work ethic was hurting me. With every positive there was a negative and I lived my life in neutral. Giving hope and love to other and talking to myself with intentionality to give myself life. I spoke to God and I was able to hear my true voice. The one that didn’t talk to me crazy and the one that nurtured those small whispers of I think I can… with “Yes… yes, you can”
  2. Healing. I gave myself permission to forgive and let go of the pain that I had because I didn’t know how I would describe myself if I didn’t have to stake claim to the rape survivor, the young girl living in shelters with her abused mother, the student body president struggling with raising her younger siblings, the girl who didn’t value her body and gave it away, the young girl who couldn’t have kids because of her uterus problems, the girl voted most likely to succeed but had yet to accomplish anything. Who was I without all of these labels? I finally decided to find out.
  3. Curiosity. The world is bigger than I am. There is more in books that I could ever read, more places that I could ever travel, more experiences I could ever have and rather than closing myself off to them, I decided to open up the door that I am possible. That I can explore, and that there are things out in the world for me that I have yet to dream of.
  4. Love. I am learning how to love myself MORE and MORE. and that gives me space to love others in this same amazing way. You can only Love others to the extent that you love yourself and I am loving myself for merely trying. For trying to try. For having the thought. So it is nothing to applaud others. To compliment others. To help others. To give to others but all I can help but think… is what if that was me.
  5. Lastly, I am giving myself the willingness to fail. I am no longer scared to fail once, twice, or over and over. Because I finally believe that I will EVENTUALLY get it right. I will give myself the ultimate gift of USING my potential…so that it is no longer something that is sitting in wait. I am giving myself the ability to SHOW ALL OF ME and Finally…. What someone else says doesn’t phase me… Because with prayer, with healing, with love, with curiosity I am standing firm in MY OWN opinion of me.


Let me know what you have learned from 2018, what have you let go… And what are you taking with you into 2019.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis









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Reclaim Your Time With 30 of these Time Savers for Home, Work, & Life

Hello Love,

I know one of the hardest things about being a mom is having enough time to do it all. Work, the duties at home, the needs of your family, and then trying to take care of yourself is HELLA demanding.

But, let’s be real… there is a number of things that we allow to eat up our time… lol like this blog for one. (jk please keep reading. No fa real, keep reading!) We have Love and Hip Hop, Iyanla: Fix My Life, Instagram, Pinterest ( I can get lost on Pinterest), Target, etc… that takes up some of the time we could be using to really pour into ourselves the things that would make us happy, give us life, give us inspiration (yes, I know that’s what Pinterest is for)

You can MAKE time. Not being some magic formula…. Beyonce does not have the same 24 hours as everyone she has like 100 people working for her, nannies, cooks, stylists, personal shoppers, travel agents, managers, she has people who help her in ways that we can’t afford.


What Can You DO?

Well, I found 30 of the things I DO to help me Reclaim My Time and give to myself somethings that pour into me so that I don’t stress about the foolery or work, the mess that my children make in the house, and just those simple things that I have to worry about that cause being a mom to be that much harder!

This info graph shows you over 30 things you can do to maximize the times you have and making preparation for the next day even easier SAVING you time there.



I know there are times for rest, times to take a break, time to reconnect. AND Please take the time to do those thing.


We both know that being a mom is a full time job  on top of the job you already have! So since being a mom is an unapologetic job, that doesn’t care about how you feel, what you want, nor the things that you have to give up and maintain to be a good one


You can download it for yourself here at this link.

And This is just some other things you can do to make MAKING IT WORK Easier.

Take what you can….Leave the rest.

So Let me know what you think in the comments below!



To get some more personalized tools for time and money management be sure to subscribe to 1 Busy Mommy!


Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis


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Make Dinner 1 Less Thing to Worry About With This…

Hey Love,

I hope this finds you well. So how dinner prep USED to go was that I would be sitting at work around lunch time trying to figure out what I was going to feed my kids once I got home. I would try to  remember what was in the fridge what we had recently and whether or not I needed to go to the store. We both know being at the grocery store, with kids, close to dinner time is a HOT ASS MESS. They’re grabbing things because they’re hungry. You’re grabbing things because it sounds good in the moment and you sometimes forget the thing you needed most to make dinner happen for the night.

So NOW….

how it goes (most of the time let’s be honest, open and transparent) Is I write it down. I go to the grocery store 1 time during the week. And I grab what we needed AFTER, I made the menu for the week. Now I pack me and Sean’s lunch and Anthony has his own regimented lunch schedule so REALLY MY MAIN CONCERN IS DINNER.

Here’s what our week looks like.

My taste buds change and sometimes what I wrote down for Thursday I want on Tuesday and vice versa, so I switch up what we ALREADY HAVE and put it together that evening.

I avoid meals that TAKE FOREVER if I can help it but sometimes after work I really want some brine roasted chicken that takes 2 hours to make but its well worth it on those days. BUT everyday doesn’t have to be like this. You worked hard, you want your kids to eat something good, you want to make it yourself then make the meals that don’t take up your whole night. Because let’s be honest, you don’t have all night.

Cooking at home

  • saves you money
  • is more intimate (bonding with the babies)
  • helps you control ingredients (i.e salt, sugar, and chemicals used)

So here’s this planner with  over 45 meal ideas for you to use this week! Let me know how it goes. I’m thinking time and money saved because YOU’RE NOT eating taking every night!

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis





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The 1 Thing To Do If You’re Burnt Out and Exhausted…

Hello Love,

I gave myself permission to rest today. After all the hooplah of my birthday and hosting, drinking, entertaining, I woke up tired. Rather than pushing through and bearing it I decided to rest.

And the kids still managed to eat with a little help from dad. The kids still did something productive, watched more tv than I would have liked but we made it through.

I feel better now that I had a chance to rest and I’m glad that I didn’t try to be Superwoman and do everything that was on my list. So laundry was half done, dinner was decent, and the kids still got to have story-time with 3 books, 1 song, 5 goodnight kisses and hugs.

But I know before, I would have pushed through and went to work. I would have completely gone above and beyond to make sure that I felt productive and accomplished in having beards not feeling well but still handling all of my duties.

But truth be told, I have myself the permission I needed to not worry about a glamorous dinner, doing all the laundry, cleaning up, and having a fun activity planned for the family.

I rested and that was more than enough.

I feel good.

I’m glad I didn’t over extend myself and I’m sure more moms need some of that too.

There will always be more than enough to do, something else to try, someplace else to be so don’t exhaust yourself by trying to do everything, to have everything, to be everything to everybody.

Rest. You have permission to rest. So please lay up, chill out, take a bath instead of a shower, have a glass of wine, another cup of coffee, or whatever else you need.

Rest is a huge part of self care, so regiment time daily.

Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis

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  • Wishing you a relaxing, beautiful day! Why I love Sundays! #momlife #busymama #mommyblogger #busymom #blackmoms #nephew #cuddle #thisface #z
  • The link is!!!! February 9th bring you and your friends to come and be inspired
  • So excited to see this event coming to life! A place for women empowerment, community creating, and self jubilation. February 9th can’t come soon enough! #brunch #momlife #busymama #mommyblogger #busymom #busymomlife #community #brunch #brunchwithwhitley #women #busymommy #familylife #lifestyledesign #empowerment #empoweringwomen
  • Just this. #momlife #busymama #mommyblogger #busymom #busymomlife #familylife #familia #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #grace #selfcare #selflove #1busymommy
  • Were done with Burn Out! And Moving in to Balance! What are some of the things your giving up from that old mommy mold? #contentcreatorcode #momlife #busymama #busymom #busymomlife #familylife #momblog #momblogs #mommyblogger #mommybloggers #lamom #millennialmom #lamoms
  • Self care is daily. Take care of home and take care of you. Mother, mother yourself. You deserve it.

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