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Want to Move Onto Your Blessings…Here’s How

Hello Love,

This is my first post for 1 Busy Mommy, LLC. A platform that promotes self care, self love, wellness, and personal development for the woman who is also a mom. The woman comes first because who YOU are as a person makes up WHO YOU ARE in every role that you have. So my roles are christian, mom, spouse, daughter, friend, colleague and the list goes on. They have a BIG part in what I do and how I do things but WHO I AM makes up all the roles that I play.

So YOU AS A PERSON, ME AS A PERSON, in order to MOVE onto the blessings that are meant for you, you have to surrender. Let go. Acknowledge that the ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL IS YOU. So how are you controlling you? Where does your stress, planning, management, wellness, and everything else come about. And I found the answer.


PRAYER is how you surrender. Prayer is how you get what is meant for you. I chased a lot of things based on what I thought I needed to have, needed to become, needed to pursue, needed to buy… and yes it felt good in the moment. BUT its IMPOSSIBLE to sustain what is not meant for you. Doing things in your own power is what causes the stress, the burnout, the lack of fulfillment, a meaningless existence. Not getting your blessings, not living in purpose is what causes you to fill yourself with things outside of you can begin to define yourself based on your relationships and your purchases and not by the traits that you have. Why define yourself by your career, your job title, the things you own, the relationships you have to people and NOT BASED ON WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE…..

I want my blessings. I want what God has planned for me. I want to wake up feeling like I did so on purpose and that it was a gift that is special.

Pray, Surrender, Ask… and listen without question.

Is this meant for me God? Confirm this for me God? Is this the job I should take? Is this the book I should write? When should I do it God? AND IT WILL UNFOLD FOR YOU NATURALLY. “God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work” (2 Cor. 9:8)

So… Don’t come up with your own plan. Do not use your own will. Do not identify your own resources. It will be shown to you. The path will come to light, after you pray.


I had to accept that a lot of the choices that I made was of my own picking. Returning back to my spiritual self and realizing that I had been listening to a number of others who didn’t know what dream I had on my heart. I was telling people about my aspirations and beliefs who didn’t have the vision to see what I saw. And why would they? God, told me, not them. Why would I expect them to understand? Why should they have to? You can not get your blessings surrounded by people who do not believe for you. Your circle is a reflection of you so what you see in them is what is in you.

Then, Acknowledge that the blessings that are in store for you and not meant to be understood. If you can see the how… then YOU ARE LITERALLY DREAMING SMALL. You don’t need to see, you have to trust.

So this is my journey…. in trust. In obedience. This is my acknowledgement that there is something outside of me that sustains me to do everything that I have been called to do. Doing it only in my power makes it feel hard, impossible, or unnecessary.

You want what is for you…. Pray.

I started praying. Getting closer to God, reading the bible, going to church and I felt it. The shift… The pull and I can finally say… I get it.

Alignment comes from within. In order to align you have to consult. Its not your husband, your friend, your mom, your children that can guide you. Through them God will affirm your prayers. So trust the process. In order to get the blessings for you… You have to go to God.

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Talk To You Soon,

Sheamonique Ellis


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